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TCC Best Award 2018

The company has received The TCC Best Awards 2018, presented by Privy Counsilor, H.E. Prof. Emeritus Dr. Kasem Watanachai on 19 October 2018

45th UPF Anniversary

The management and staffs celebrated the 45th anniversary of our company establishment day.

The National Anti-Corruption Day 2018

The management joined with the public and private sector to celebrate the National Anti-Corruption Day organized by the Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand (ACT) at Bangkok International Trade&Exhibition Centre(BITEC).

The scholarships for the students of Banthawee School

The company and employees donated some money to be the scholarship for the students of Banthawee School in Kanchanaburi province.

World Environmental Day 2018

On the world environmental day 2018, the employees poured EM liquid into public aqueduct that connect to Saen Saeb canel for water treatment.

Made merit on Visakha Puja Day

On the Visakha Puja Day, the employees made merit to Bang Peng Tai Temple and Bam Phen Nua Temple.

Songkran Tradition 2018

The employees participated in Songkran Tradition which is the activity to create unity within the company as the family. We made merit, bathed rite for Buddha image and the monks and expressed our respect to our elders by pouring scented water onto elders' hands.

Contributed some money to Ban Saeng Tawan

We contributed some money to Ban Saeng Tawan that has rescued the stray cats and dogs.

Donated old calendars for the Blind

Employees donated old calendars and magazines to Educational Technology for the Blind Center.

Children's Day 2018

The company supported the gifts for childen to public sector, school and community.