Grid List

World Environment Day 2020

The management and staffs poured the effective microorganism liquid (EM) into public aqueduct that connect to Saen Saeb canal for water treatment.

Donated some money for medical personnel

The company donated some money to Chachoengsao Provincial Public Health Office for supporting food and beverage.

Donation for fighting against COVID-19

The company and staffs danated some money to Chulalongkorn Hospital for fighting against COVID-19.

Elastic for making face sheild

The company gave our products to more organization for making the Face Sheilds to many hospitals.

Children's Day 2020

The company supported the gifts to government agencies, school and communities.

Safety Week 2019

The management and staffs participated in Safety Week 2019 at Minburi Factory and Bangpakong Factory.

Money donation for Nopparatrajathani hospital

Mr.Komon gave some money to Nopparatrajathanee hospital's representative.

TCC Best Club

Mr.Komon received The TCC Best Club's Brooch presented by Mr.Kalin Sarasin

Green Heart Volunteer

Staffs and their family planted 200 trees in the mangrove forest at Bangpu Nature Education Centre in Samutprakran province.

46th UPF Anniversary

The management and staffs took part in the spiritual ceremony in the occasion of the establish day.

The National Anti-Corruption Day 2019

The company's representatives presented the forces protect Thailand from the fruad in The National Anti-corruption Day 2019 at BITEC.

Made merit on the Visakha Puja Day in 2019

The eomplyees made merit to Bangpheng Tai temple on the Visakha Puja day in 2019.