TOURNIQUET (Disposable or Single use)

Project Description

Synthetic -Polyisoprene Rubber (Latex free)

Our production facility of Tourniquet is in a clean control environment, dust and other relevant contaminations are controlled and minimized by using advanced filters, air-flow and other quality control procedures.

Tourniquet is a device which applies pressure to a limb or extremity so as to limit – but not stop – the flow of blood. It may be used in emergencies, in surgery, or in post-operative rehabilitation.


Our tourniquet has the following properties:

- Disposable tourniquet can reduce the risk of patient infection or contamination, improve blood sample quality.

- Soft, slip resistance and user friendly.

- Excellent stretch recovery provides easy to tie and untie.

- Humanized flat shape design, which can relieve user’s uncomfortableness.

- Static free and can be sterilized.


Product specification

- Surface: Textured rubber / Plain rubber

- Color: Blue, green, orange and white.

- Dimension: standard 1”x18”.

- Packing: Rolled and banded, Flat and perforated.

- Customization: Customized color, dimension and packings are all available by special orders.


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