Esmarch Bandage

Project Description

Esmarch Bandage

Esmarch Bandage is used to control and exclude blood flow during surgical procedures. 

Our Esmarch Bandage has the following properties:

- Hygienic Latex or non-latex bandages used for exsanguination of the limb.

- Create a bloodless area for speedy surgery.

- Have an excellent stretch recovery. 

- Can be sterilized.

- Developed specifically for medical packaging application.

- Reduce risk of infection.


Product specification

- Surface: Textured rubber / Plain rubber (silicon treated)

- Color: Blue and white. 

- Dimension: 

                 o Width: 3”, 4”,6”

                 o Length: 9”, 12”

- Packing: Rolled and banned. 

- Customization: Customized color, dimension and packings are all available by special orders.


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