Rubber Thread

Project Description

Rubber Thread

Natural Rubber (Latex) / Synthetic -Polyisoprene Rubber (Latex free)

Union Pioneer’s rubber thread has been produced with state-of the art production facility, control by well educate and high experience human resources.


Our products possess following properties:

- Resistance to Saline water, Chlorine, Suntan lotion and perspiration.

- Excellent launderability, non-shrinking-retains original size and tension after multiple wash/ dry cycles.

- Excellent elongation and excellent stretch recovery enhance the comfortability and durability.

- Excellent sewing properties (needle puncture compatibility).


Product Application:

- The Rim of baby and adult diaper’s legs and waist.

- The rim of pants’ legs for gentlemen.

- The swimming suits.

- The Rim of shower cap and swimming cap and so on.


Rubber tape dimension:

• Thickness available (mm.): 0.20-0.50

• Width available (mm): 0.48-0.80


See Catalogue Sample:   "Here"


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